‘Religious’ bullies killed school clinic


Just like the Crips, Skinheads and Latin Kings, “religious gangs” are taking over the neighborhoods.

These bullies’ very first item of business was stopping the opening of a school-based health center (Google it).

Why? Because they don’t want teens to have access to “Planned Parenthood activities” or even “information on where such services could be obtained.” Even though it was made abundantly clear that “reproductive services could and probably would be excluded by contract from the services provided by the clinic.” It’s optional.

So now, because of a few’s religious beliefs, all the rest of our teens will be denied a practical and innovative program. I call that selfish and self-serving. I call it WRONG.

Core SBHC services include:

— Performing routine physical exams, including sports physicals.

— Diagnosing and treating acute and chronic illness (asthma, diabetes…).

— Prescribing medications.

— Treating minor injuries.

— Providing vision, dental and blood pressure screenings.

— Administering immunizations.

— Health education, counseling, and wellness promotion.

— Providing or connecting students with mental health services.

— Giving classroom presentations on health and wellness.

— Screening for alcohol, tobacco and other drugs as part of their wellness and behavior risk assessment.

Health services in Sweet Home are primitive. There is no hospital and only 5(?) physicians in the area. A SBHC is a logical and practical addition to the community, affording some health care relief by caring for 800 students. Maybe some doctors see this as a financial cut into their business?

Read your history, pick up a newspaper, turn on the TV news. Religion is not the answer, it’s the problem. Religions beget ignorance, fear and violence. Always have, always will.

Diane Daiute

Sweet Home