Remember the reason for season


Do you not know, have you not heard?

The Lord is the everlasting God, the creator of all the earth.

– Isaiah 40:28

At Christmas time I like to think

Of Christ, our Lord above,

Who came to earth in Bethlehem

To show us His great love.

He left a glorious home in heaven

To have a lowly birth

And don’t forget that He had once

Created all this eart!

Yes, He created wood, you know

For His own manger bed,

He made the cattle and the grass

On which they daily fed.

He really made that cross of His

Where he was hung to die,

An earthquake shook the land and then

Dark blackness filled the sky!

He also made the iron

Which would become those nails –

They pierced His hands and feet because

His love just never fails.

So Christmas is the time to think

Of why He really came,

To take our place, so we can have

Forgiveness in His name!

Have a great Christmas and a glad New Year!

Eunice Hoien Dahlgren

Vancouver, Wash.

(Former Sweet Home resident)