Republicans driving planet over edge


Republican leadership is not concerned at all for the impending climate catastrophe threatening our nation and the planet.

In fact, as of August, the latest opinion from Trump and the 100+ corporate lobbyist/CEOs installed in his administration is that we have already passed the tipping point and that there is no stopping it now – no solution, no hope.

So nix all regulations, protections and policies  and party down.

This is their legacy, omnicide.

The Republican party is like smash- and-grab thieves.

Since their takeover of Congress in 2010 and now the presidency, they have been working as fast as they can to kill anything to do with climate change, protection of the environment, workers rights, healthcare, dismantling laws that protect you from corporate exploitation and overreach. Turning the courts red. Exploiting people’s fears and turning it into rabid hate.

For them it’s ideology over reality. In the Republican party, Exxon execs and their wealthy donors determine climate change policy. 

This all started with Ronald Reagan, who suppressed and punished the scientists researching global warming and climate change through funding cuts and censoring their reports. Just think of all that time wasted.

Only in the run-up to the 2008 election, in an attempt to gin up votes, did they go on a full-on lying blitz, claiming that they believed it was for real, that the science was there, that it was our fault, and that we could, should and needed to solve it. Watch this 12min.timeline ( and Google “Frank Luntz,” their longtime propaganda wordsmith genius, their facade painter, their Joseph Goebbels. Course, Trump doesn’t need a Frank Luntz.

The Juliana v U.S. lawsuit in Eugene has been stayed again. Juliana, et al. are fighting for a science-based program to reduce carbon emissions and protect the climate for their generation and future generations who will be the most impacted by climate change.

That’s why it is imperative that Millennials and GenZs get out on this issue (

I do not see how anyone can be against clean sustainable energy sources. It’s a win-win. Combine that with lowering the human population and it’s a grand slam. Everything wins. 

Diversifying our energy source portfolio is only logical, given the power Saudi Arabia/OPEC (a 15 member Arab oil exporter group, none of whom particularly care for the USA) wield with their control of 81.5 percent of the world’s “proven” oil reserves and producing 44 percent of the world’s oil.

They used that power in 1973-74 with great effect to punish us and others who supported Israel in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Add to that Russia, who might not be a paying OPEC member but is in tight with the Saudis.

Plus, OPEC’s oil operations are mostly state-owned, whereas ours are a hodgepodge of thousands of companies acting in their own self-interest, not America’s interest. Get it? 

Power plants were the country’s No. 1 source of carbon pollution; now it’s transportation. Why? Because we switched from coal to natural gas (though methane leaks still need plugging) and we use more wind and solar power. So that proves to me that, yes, we can do this. We can make positive changes to reduce carbon pollution, global warming.

There is hope. 

Prof. Stephen Hawking said Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement could push the earth over the brink.

When asked if he felt we would ever solve our environmental problems and resolve human conflicts, Hawking was pessimistic, saying that he thought our days on earth were numbered.

“I fear evolution has inbuilt greed and aggression to the human genome. There is no sign of conflict lessening, and the development of militarized technology and weapons of mass destruction could make that disastrous.”

As of 2015, the average global temperature is 58.64 degrees, the warmest in thousands of years. The level of CO2 in the atmosphere is above 400 ppm, the highest in millions of years.

Burning fossil fuels and deforestation are the major causes. 

Venus, here we come.

 Diane Daiute

Sweet Home