Respect public safety personnel


There is not enough money in the state of Oregon to pay our teachers, police officers, fire department personnel, or our military, to pay them what they are worth. Nor are they even asking to be paid what they are worth.

They all put their life on the line every day. Why? Because that’s what they do for a living. I doubt if a teacher ever refuses to teach a student because of the color of their skin.

I never hear a dispatcher ask the nationality or color of the victim before sending out an ambulance or fire truck. I know of no police officers who see a black man and decides today is the day you die.

When you challenge the authority, as did Brown and Garner, then you pay the consequences. Did they deserve to die? Probably not, but there is no question that both would still be alive today if they had not challenged that authority.

Chances are I am not alive today because I am a privileged white person, but because I believe in the rule of law and do what I am told when confronted by an officer of that law and I don’t care if he is black, white or green.

All they ask is that they be treated with respect and to be obeyed. Each of them are working under extreme conditions. Yes even the teachers, they have to deal with school shooting, verbal abuse, and even students attacking the teacher every day of the school year.

I can’t say enough good about those mentioned above. I owe my life to them. It’s time to give them our support and kudos for all that they do.

Jeani West

Sweet Home