Responsiblity equals terrorism?


I must be one of those extreme right-wing tea party terrorists who just ruined the credit rating for the U.S.A.

I don’t spend more than I make, I save some for a rainy day, I don’t have a mortgage payment, car payment and I know how to read the information on the bottom line when it comes to credit cards. I don’t think I should charge or borrow more than I can pay back nor do I demand that my credit limit be raised so I can spend more of someone else’s money.

If the money is not there I simply do without or cut back on other items so I can afford to buy what I need, not what I want.

I don’t expect anyone to pay for a mortgage that I signed on for. I don’t expect any one to pay for my credit card that I over charged on. I pay my bills first, still work, still pay taxes and still pay social security. Yes I am over 70 and have always had some type of job.

So when people like the vice president call me a terrorist, I find that insulting. When people like John Kerry claim that the reduced credit rating for the United States is a “Tea Party downsize,” I begin to wonder what the heck are they drinking and smoking in Washington.

We had several warnings that if the government did not cut a certain amount of spending then our credit rating would drop. Get a grip, Washington, and face up to your responsibility for the mess that we are in and quit shifting the blame for our problems on to other people. You need to cut spending on all levels, starting with your pay check and benefits.

It’s not McDonald’s fault I’m overweight, I smoked because I wanted to. I drank because I enjoyed it, not because some bartender poured it down my throat.

I own up to my responsibilities. When will Washington do the same?

Jeani West

Sweet Home