Retirement plan is insult for librarian


It has come to my attention recently that a librarian who has given our community 20 years of dedicated service, has stuck with us through two library closures and is 60 years old is finally starting to earn a retirement, not retroactive, mind you, but starting as of now.

Anyone who frequents the library I think will agree that we have one of the finest small libraries around. The atmosphere there has always been one of pleasantness and helpfulness.

If they don’t have the book you’re looking for, they’ll get it for you.

To me, it’s like an insult after 20 years of service to offer some 60-year-old retirement.

As a citizen of Sweet Home for more than 30 years, I find this to be a travesty, and I for one am embarrassed by it.

If you feel the same, please give the City Council members a call and let them know your feelings.

Thank you.

John F. Neely

Sweet Home