Scare tactics don’t solve problems


I and several of my family members have lived in School District 55 since 1951 and have attended the schools and graduated from the high school during that time. We have watched the city in operation and have been witness to good times, bad times and everything in between.

I believe I have the background to express my opinion about the way Sweet Home and District 55 have operated in the past and how it seems they are continuing to use the same old methods to cry “wolf” and get more money, despite the prior promises that if we would just pass this measure or close this school, that would cure the problem and police protection would be fine, that students would get a better education.

I would just like to ask, at this point, how many times you have heard this song-and-dance routine.

It appears to me that just as soon as the cuts are made and the money is approved, the establishment brings up a new crisis. Of course, the only way to solve critical problems is to take money from the police or other emergency agencies and knowing schools have been closed, the next thing we need to do is convince the struggling folks that we need to approve the four-day school week.

I am certain that by reducing the Police Department, it will make Sweet Home a much safer place. Perhaps other city employees could fill in for our police (no pay increase, of course) until the city leadership can come up with a way to ensure that police will be paid a wage that will make them want to remain in Sweet Home, not just to get the training they need to enable them to transfer to another town that pays more, and give them certainty that their pay will remain stable.

Regarding the matter of the four-day school week, if I correctly recall when Mr. Schrader took over the reins at the district, he wasn’t certain about going to the four-day week, but now, after a couple of months, it seems that we really need to reduce the school week because it would give the teachers more time to prepare (one less day for students), thus giving our students a much better education in a shorter time.

I might say that when I attended Sweet Home High School I don’t recall them teaching math that said that less time makes learning better. The only thing I see that will happen if this four-day school week passes is the people will have to figure out what do to with their kids, adding expenses to the amount we already pay the city and school system. It will also add to the Police Department’s responsibilities because more kids will be running loose around town.

Here are some suggested solutions:

City of Sweet Home should give employees all they want and be sure to get rid of the police and emergency services.

School District 55 should continue to give all the time off that is currently scheduled and, additionally, rather than having people slowly bleed to death and bear the burden of what the four-day school week will cost them, just cut their throats now so they don’t have to deal with this again. I am sure the powers that be will try to get some more blood out of the turnip. Good salary and more time off will not stop this.

Obviously, I am not happy with how this has taken place in Sweet Home for many years. The only way to stop this is to get out and vote or do whatever is legal to stop it. Maybe common sense might help.

Vern Tunnell

Sweet Home