School board ignoring kids


How many levels of protection do we need in order to cover the incompetence of the leadership of the Sweet Home School District?

After sitting through the May 15 Sweet Home School Board meeting, I now understand why we need a charter school in Sweet Home.

The child is left out of the equation, and the decision, up or down, to allow another option to better educate our children is passed from board members to lawyers to insurance providers in order to “stonewall” any decision.

The School Board could not articulate the requirements they want for an approval because as soon as a statement was voiced and a community individual tried to pin it down, then the board would change its position and no one knew what it required.

Its own lawyer even stated there was no way to protect all the various ways the district could be sued.

People Involved in Education already had in position liability insurance that was more than double what had been required.

If the education of our children is important, then Sweet Home School Board, please get your act together and allow the wishes of parents, grandparents and concerned friends of the community to take control of their children’s education through the new Sweet Home Charter School.

Jay B. Kimball

Sweet Home