School district hosting listening sessions

The Sweet Home School District’s school board will hold listening sessions at various locations over the next month in an effort to connect parents and guardians with administrators and school board members.

In addition to new Supt. Lisa Riggs, the district has four new school board directors: Sara Hoffman, Janice Albert, Kevin Hill and Dale Keene.

The hour-long sessions are scheduled at 6 p.m. at these locations:

— Tuesday, Dec. 7, at Foster School, 5526 Poplar St.;

— Wednesday, Dec. 8, at Holley School, 40336 Crawfordsville Drive;

— Thursday, Dec. 9, at Oak Heights School, 605 Elm St.;

— Tuesday, Dec. 14, at Hawthorne School, 3205 Long St.;

— Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2022, at Sweet Home Junior High School, 880 22nd Ave.; and

— Wednesday, Jan. 12, in the auditorium at Sweet Home High School, 1641 Long St.

Sign-up sheets will be made available 15 minutes before the sessions.

District residents or guardians who wish to sign up must list their names, affirmations of residency, school affiliation and topics for discussion.

They will then be allowed to speak prior to a second comment. Each comment will receive an eight-minute time limit, with number of comments varying depending on their length.

Despite the time constraints per comment, a school board director or staff member may follow up as needed.

School board directors may list topics for a particular listening session in their zone if they feel they are appropriate.

Directors and district staff may also use a session’s first five to 10 minutes to address specific zone or district business.

Complaints about staff members will not be heard.