Senator: Measure 50 unconstitutional


Our tax dollars were used to hire 2,000 new state employees, give many current employees a 20-percent raise, build a parking structure in Washington County, buy streetcars for Portland, spend millions on this special election and the list goes on and on. I guess the governor and the Democrats consider these things to be more important than kids as these were all done with general fund dollars. Or maybe they just didn’t think people would support a tax increase for pay raises.

Putting a tax in the state Constitution is wrong. Taxing a minority is wrong and unfair. By putting Measure 50 before the voters, the Legislature is violating the Constitution, denying citizens their due process rights and ignoring many rules of the Legislative Assembly. This is politics at its worst and even “enlightened” legislators know it.

I urge my fellow Oregonians to reject this political back-room dealing and force the Legislature to address this issue the right way.

Jeff Kruse

Oregon state senator