Seventh-grade volleyball

The seventh-grade volleyball team won 16 of 23 matches this year. Coach Kathleen Cochran said she decided not to form A and B teams, as in the past, and merely divided her team into two squads.

“It worked out pretty good for them,” she said. “The teams stayed the same (throughout the season). They were pretty much even.”

The Tigers did “really well,” she said, particularly in terms of attitude.

“It was excellent, Cochran said. “That bunch of girls had a really positive attitude. On the court they played really well together. I think they got the ‘team’ part down by the end of the season.

She said she emphasized the teamwork aspect from Day One.

“I told them that if you want to play for yourself, volleyball is not the sport for you,” she said, adding that not only did the TIgers play well as a team, but “I did see a lot of improvement, skillwise.”