Sex toys won’t work on Main


I hope Mr. Eckert (Owners: new Main Street store not ‘adult shop’, April 11) has done a thorough business plan for Sweet Home and has a Plan B.

Does his varied stock from sex toys to pheromones (Webster’s) (any of various chemicals secreted by an animal that influence specific patterns of behavior by other members of the same species) have any redeeming value to our city?

Located on Main Street alone, I seriously doubt any pillar of society in Sweet Home who might want tobacco would want to be seen entering such a business. How many pipes, sex toys, lingerie, etc., does one person need? His clientele here will doubtfully be without repeat business.

My involvement with Sweet Home is people having trouble buying groceries! We have SHEM, Fair Share Gleaners, Gleaners, Snacks for back packs and Manna three nights a week for a free dinner!

Please, Mr. Eckert you do not even know what to call your store!

On a lighter note DO GO visit the new Periwinkle Provisions location and you are welcome to be under 18! Cozy, clean comfortable and educational. Introduce your kids to herbs (legal), wonderful spices and a great array of bulk foods. Great customer service. It’s a delightful addition to our city as new and improved and will have lots of repeat business.

Foster Lake Mall offers lots of fun “toys” for family water fun and even Big Fat Worms for fishing. Safeway sells tobacco. Fellow citizens, let’s all support local businesses that support a wholesome atmosphere and presents Sweet Home as a desirable place to live.

Sharon Toth