SHEDG nearer to final Jamboree numbers

Sean C. Morgan

Sweet Home Economic Development Group should be able to announce its net profits from the 2004 Jamboree by early November, according to President Ron Moore.

“We should have a rough idea,” Moore said to Jamboree Event Manager Peter LaPonte at the SHEDG board’s regular meeting on Oct. 20. Moore said he has been getting questions about why SHEDG does not have the number available yet.

“Basically, what happens, there’s some expenses that come through, and we have a pretty good idea what those bills are going to be,” Moore told The New Era. “We have a pretty good ballpark figure for where we’re at.”

This year, the Jamboree wasn’t quite as successful as last year, when the Jamboree netted approximately $200,000.

Right after the Jamboree, LaPonte told the board, the Jamboree has a number to work with, but that estimate could be subject to change. Even now, as the estimate gets more accurate, the Jamboree still has some $60,000 in bills to pay.

SHEDG Director Elmer Riemer summed up the concern about announcing the estimate too soon.

“If it gets public we think we have $190,000 and then all of the sudden it’s $160,000,” Riemer said, “People would say what did you do with the money…. I think that’s asking for a lot of trouble. If it’s a published figure, we’d be in trouble.”

The board can say it does have a pretty good estimate, Moore said, but it’s not one the board would want to publicize.”

“People don’t know it takes this long to settle the show,” LaPonte said. Frequently, the Jamboree will get invoices that are just wrong; and those too need to be resolved.

Jamboree profits have been used for projects in town, funding the economic development coordinator and the Community Foundation.

The Community Foundation will likely receive 10 percent of the net profit, Moore said. That is subject to board approval. The downtown revitalization committee is proposing spending $20,000 next year on downtown projects.

“We’re trying to make sure we make the appropriate decision for those funds,” what we can do for the downtown core area, Moore said.

In other business, the board:

– Approved up to $5,000 for moving the Jamboree office. The new location was not confirmed as of press time. The money would be used to move the operation’s telephone system, purchase and upgrade furniture, purchase a computer and other related expenses.

The board is talking about possibly constructing a new building or something else in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce to house both organizations, Moore said.