SHEM asking, getting help


Things have been busy for me here at Sweet Home Emergency Ministries. It is the time of year when funding requests are being made.

Between March 10 and April 10, I will have prepared four proposals. I’ll tell you about two of them.

One is to the United Way of Linn County. This is a major source of funds for the purchase of our food for the food boxes, financial assistance for utilities and propane and to supplement the clothing and household donations to Carmen’s Closet.

I also am preparing an application to Samaritan Health for funding to continue supplying milk in our food boxes.

While compiling the figures for these applications, I was surprised to discover the number of food boxes distributed had grown by 17 percent from July 1 to Feb. 29. During that period, the average number of food boxes distributed was 283, feeding 987 people. Last year, for the same period, the figures were 240 food boxes and 834 people fed.

SHEM has not yet found a new home. We are continuing the search. In the meantime, Bob Hartsock is helping me with a proposal, in addition to the ones mentioned above, to acquire additional funds to help with the purchase of a permanent location.

I also want to pass along a bit of good news regarding funding. SHEM Has received a grant from the Sweet Home Community Foundation to apply toward the purchase of a laptop computer and software. That will allow me to be able to continue working without disturbing the volunteer at the front desk and to have information readily available at meetings I need to attend.

The Feinstein challenge continues through April. If you have not yet made a donation and wish to do so, please include “Feinstein” on the message line of your check.

SHEM has already received more than $1,800 worth of monetary donations and 157 pounds of food dedicated to the Feinstein challenge. I can’t tell you how very grateful SHEM is of your generosity. I keep running out of ways to say thank you to the Sweet Home community.

Thank you for keeping SHEM in your prayers.

Peggy Blair

Executive Director