SHFAD election needs candidates


It is important to have a fire and ambulance organization that is capable of responding to emergencies. Sure, when you hear the sirens and see the truck and ambulances go by, you might give it a thought, but it is for the other guy.

Some day you might be the one who needs that emergency service.

Now there is a chance in the May 19 election to replace the “Old Guard” with new, younger, energetic members on the Board of Directors. There are three positions open on the ballot.

The current board let the department get run down during the time of the last fire chief. There was concern that the doors on the garage for the ambulances were deteriorated and would not open.

When they did, the ambulance only made it out of the driveway with a sputter and then might break down part way through making an emergency run.

Last July a new fire chief was hired. For the sake of all of us this was a real improvement. Dave Barringer has brought new energy and dedication to the job.

When ambulances would not run, he brought engine parts to the board meetings for a show and tell. He conducted a tour of the parking garage for the board members so they could see and maybe better understand the need for action. He has been able to start repairs on the Emergency Services building to replace decay.

He has been gaining the support of the paramedics and firemen to work on improved training programs. A late-model used ambulance has been purchased and received as a replacement.

To make change happen, to renew the energy on the Board of Directors, candidates must come forward and apply to be elected at the May 19 Special Districts Election. For most of the past two years I have attended the board meetings and I have been the only person there from the public nine out of 10 times. More participation from the general population is needed to give this vital agency the boost it needs.

Candidates are needed for the three Board of Directors positions. Applications are available online or at the Sweet Home Fire and Ambulance District Office and 1099 Long St. in Sweet Home. They must be turned in by 5 p.m. on March 19.

Dave Ericson

Sweet Home