SHPD Quickly Resolves Paintball Gun Incident, Suspect Apprehended

Photo provided by SHPD – A white Chevrolet SUV was involved in a drive-by shooting of a paint gun towards a pedestrian in the 4400 block of Main Street.

A swift resolution has been reached in response to the incident reported on March 24, at approximately 5:58 a.m., where the Sweet Home Police Department received a report of a handgun being fired from a vehicle at a pedestrian in the 4800 block of Main Street.

“Following diligent efforts, the vehicle involved has been located, and one individual is now in custody. Upon investigation, it was determined that the handgun in question was, in fact, a paintball gun,” stated SHPD officials in an updated press release on Facebook.

“We appreciate the assistance of the community resolving this incident quickly and safely,” stated SHPD officials.

In light of this development, residents in the area who may have surveillance cameras are still encouraged to review their footage around the time of the incident. The vehicle, described as a newer model Chevrolet SUV with a damaged spot on the rear bumper, was instrumental in aiding law enforcement efforts.

Should anyone possess information or recognize the vehicle in the photographs, please promptly contact the SHPD at 541-367-5181. Additionally, if the vehicle is spotted, residents are reminded not to approach it but to call the non-emergency line or 911 immediately.