Huskies Learn from Losses to Top-Ranked North Marion

Kelso Ellis attempting to get an out at third base. Photo by Sky Chappell

Following this week of full league games, the Sweet Home Huskies (2-13) proved that although up against a tough team, North Marion (13-2), they were able to learn valuable lessons that will stick with them through the rest of the season.

“North Marion showed us why they are one of the best in the state,” Head Coach Evan Teter said. “But we also showed we can hang with them.”

North Marion is currently ranked number three in the 4A division.

In the first game, the team faced the defending conference pitcher of the year, who is also committed to playing at George Fox, according to Teter. This game, April 15, ended with a loss for Sweet Home 0-9.

The following away game, the Huskies were able to lead for a couple of innings whilst carrying a sense of confidence against North Marion. Although this game ended in a loss for Sweet Home, Teter stated, “We were told by the North Marion head coach after the game that the pitcher we were facing hasn’t given up very many hits to a single team all season, and that we got the most hits off him so far. We finished the game with 5 hits.”

This game, April 17, ended 2-12 in favor of North Marion. Teter stated the team got quite a lot of compliments from the North Marion coaching staff.

“We struggled with confidence the rest of the series and it showed,” Teter said. “It’s discouraging for the guys when we play the top two teams in our league the first two weeks of the league season.”

The last game of the week, April 18, ended in another defeat for Sweet Home 0-11. The losses of this week don’t define the rest of the league season.

“After talking to our guys at practice today, they agreed that they played some good baseball against a very good team and they are ready for Stayton next week,” Teter said.

The team will be playing at 4:30 p.m away against Stayton on April 22 and April 25, with a home game at 4:30 p.m against Stayton April 24.