Snow delays city water bills

The snowy weather over the past two weeks has created a delay in local residents’ water billing, according to city officials.

Residents will get bills for December covering 35 days instead of the normal 30, but will see only 26 days on their bill for January, said Cindi Robuck, an administrative clerk in the Public Works Department.

“We’re expecting the bills to be a little higher this month,” Robuck said.

Sweet Home’s water meters are read by a company called Meter Readers, located in Lake Oswego. Meter Readers employees ride scooters around town and read the meters. Robuck said that because of last week’s heavy snow to the north, the local meter reader couldn’t get to Sweet Home.

“Typically, we have the data by now,” Robuck said last week. “They just started reading the meters (Tuesday).”

She said that one reader made it to Sweet Home Tuesday and another joined in midway through the day. Usually, she said, it takes one reader on a scooter three days to do all of Sweet Home.