Soccer article was a loser


I’m writing this letter about the article that was posted in the paper on Nov. 2 about their last game against Sisters on Oct. 25.

Reading the article, I was a little shocked to see the words “Winless”, and “Last in League.” I understand that journalists put out all the facts when writing an article. But to be publically humiliated by the media in what’s already a struggling sports program just puts salt on the wound.

Those kids tried very hard and put out a lot of effort during the regular season. Even though they finished their season without a win, they should be shown respect for their efforts and not be thought of as failures. That’s how I view those words when I see them.

The program struggled when I played in soccer at the school as well. I’ve been reading The New Era for many years, and I have never once seen those words in any other sports article when other programs have been struggling in the past.

I’m not trying to attack anybody. I just think the article could have been worded a little bit better than it was or getting rid of the words “winless” and “last in league altogether.

It could have still been a good article.

Tyler Horn

Ex-Sweet Home soccer player