Socialism will not help Americans


Creativity is a cerebral exercise which is rewarded and flourishes in a capitalist society.

Learning is critical for the success of the individual, as well as the society. We’ve all heard the maxim “Knowledge is Power,” but knowledge is also prosperity.

People living in our country today, who are open to learning, are more likely to be motivated to carve out their own creative path in life. They are free to invent things, or come up with new ways of using things already in existence, or to re-imagine or improve on a popular product or service.

They can choose a rewarding career that doesn’t pay well, yet still be immensely happy. They can choose an intense career that leaves them little free time, but yet again, be immensely satisfied with their choice.

People can also choose a hobby or a sport or become an expert in their favorite topic. They can also choose to be a homemaker or a homebody and read or write fascinating stories.

We are blessed with so many learning and creative opportunities in a capitalist society.

This is not to say that moral policies can’t be implemented to help the disadvantaged and those in need of health care and other services. However, these services need to be done in a bipartisan fashion and be done with the blessing of the American people and not be forced upon us against our will.

In great contrast to the opportunities and personal growth obtainable in a capitalist system, is socialism, a system that extinguishes incentives to learn, create and imagine. It takes away hope and dignity, and it devalues originality and personal will.

Not only would motivations be stifled, we would also very quickly lose our liberties. Corruption would dominate the landscape, just as it has done in all other socialist countries.

Instead of being individually rewarded for an idea or invention, it will belong to the state. Education and the news media would be total indoctrination (even more than it is already). All services and goods would be in short supply or too expensive. The wealthy would remain in power over the poorer majority.

Some people think this is never going to happen here. I have my doubts.

With a guaranteed income (as some Democrat Party politicians are now calling for), there will be no reason to put effort into learning or discovering. If work is not a requirement to earn an income, some people will just stop working and stop learning.

The personal growth of these individuals will be stunted, dignity lost. Creativity would be a rarity.

Before socialism is fully implemented, there would be a mass exit of businesses. Large remaining businesses would be taken over or run by the government or be economically punished. Other necessary services or businesses would be subsidized, and the economy would collapse.

But not to worry, the people in government who usher in socialism, following with communism, will escape all the negative consequences they created.

The elites, who are great at giving away other people’s hard-earned money, will continue to live comfortably behind tall fences with security alarms and heavily armed guards. They will also receive a very substantial salary to go with all that inconvenience.

Sadly, the conversion to socialism has a strong headwind. Academia has already brainwashed our youth to believe socialism is a good thing and patriotism is not!

These students are following lockstep in their ideology and repeating the same duplicitous phrases.

They block meaningful debate, and label alternative points of view “hate speech.” Hollywood uses its actors, just as the mainstream media use their platforms, to promote policies favorable to socialist ideology.

Now we have socialist-leaning Democrats in power who are gaining steam because of their lucrative financial ties to billionaire globalists.

If President Trump doesn’t get re-elected, this could be the nail in the coffin for capitalism, along with our personal freedoms of expression and personal determination.

I am praying for a conversion of this perilous path we’re on.

Susan Angland

Sweet Home