Spending plus spending: Do the math

It’s clear we can count on more baloney this year from our elected officials when it comes to money – and year after year beyond that.

President Bush proposes yet another quarter-trillion dollars in an ever-growing deficit. Debt can be useful, but this is getting ridiculous. Our nation is around $10 trillion in the hole right about now.

Bush’s budget proposal makes his tax cuts permanent, one of the smarter things he has done. Too bad, like his Republican and Democratic colleagues, that he hasn’t done much to control spending.

His budget plan – all based on estimates (in other words, with no real clue what’s to come) shows a surplus in 2012.

He should show a surplus now. Enough talk. Of course, this budget, which is one-fifth military spending, won’t see the light of day through the Democratic Congress, which is hell-bent on building this program or that for the needy and the children.

Our state is no different. Sleepy Ted is backing a sales tax that has oh so many elected officials in ecstasy. In Oregon we have to have a balanced budget, but the Oregon Legislature can’t figure out how to budget a rainy day fund the way the rest of us do, within the constraints of our income; so now these folks are eagerly anticipating gang raping at least the corporate kicker to build a rainy day fund.

A rainy day fund is an excellent idea, but the legislature should do it within the constraints of its revenues, and no one should talk about keeping any kicker.

Minimum wage is rising to ridiculous levels in Oregon. Maybe we should stop dancing around the subject and just ensure that everyone is treated the same and makes $25 per hour for everything.

The little tidbits I’m reading here and there about and from Democrats show that we can expect a whole pile of social spending and pillaging of individual wallets.

The Republicans, for their part, did no better during their time in power. Newt Gingrich might run for president, I’m reading. I still want to know what happened to the 1994 election’s Contract with America.

Guess I misunderstood.So much for the party of smaller, more efficient government.

Bad idea after bad idea is coming our way.

John Edwards proposes universal health care; and Hilary Clinton is on a tear over oil profits. She doesn’t say how much profit is too much, apparently thinking that any profit is too much unless it lines her own pockets. She wants to take oil company profits and spend it on more expensive alternative fuel sources before their time.

How this won’t destroy our energy market is beyond me, and I expect such a brilliant woman should be able to figure this out.

This great capitalist experiment is being foiled by the shrapnel of an exploded and dead philosophy, Marxism. The free market apparently cannot be trusted to educate our children, so we certainly shouldn’t expect it to bring us new fuels when they are actually needed.

While all of this goes on, all anyone can seem to talk about at any great length is Iraq, the War on Terror, illegal immigration and gay marriage.

It’s time to pull our collectivist heads out of the sand and stop fiddling with an economic system and Constitution that would work if socialist ideas weren’t cluttering our heads, making us think things like “mixed economies” are a good idea.

Get over it, folks. Communism is dead. Let’s let it go.