Sr. Center letter mis-information


I read the July 21, 2021 issue amazed at the mis-information contained within the letter signed by Don and Glenda Hopkins!

First, the Senior Center has been closed according to mandate by our governor to protect the health and well-being of our senior population. The transit system has no bearing on this statewide closure.

In fact, the transit system has been a leader in maintaining a healthy environment on the buses both for customers and for drivers.

Secondly, what is this “final straw” referenced by the Hopkinses?

Thirdly, the Senior Center is governed by an elected board of committed seniors and community volunteers with yearly elections allowing nominations from the members and/or individuals requesting to be placed on the ballot.

The governing board has accomplished a wonderful job in providing a welcoming home to seniors with a variety of activities and bus trips offered. The past 15 months or so have been a totally unexpected time for all of us, and the transportation staff have kept the Jim Riggs Community Center available for future opening.

When the state mandate is lifted, we can get together for those activities we’ve enjoyed over the years with our fellow seniors

Fourthly, the Jim Riggs Community Center has been a transportation hub for the community with a dedicated staff serving riders and communities.

In fact, with the approval of ODOT and the Linn County Commissioners, the bus service has been extended to the Cascadia area both for residents and for out-of-town visitors to our parks. And, our bus services now reach the City of Albany and include direct access to the Linn County Community College campus.

Fifthly, the Sweet Home Senior Center is a nonprofit, stand-alone organization controlled by an elected governing board – while the Lebanon Senior Center is fully managed, funded, and staffed by the City of Lebanon.

Lastly, let us get our facts together before offering erroneous and misleading information to the community.

Hank Berg

Sweet Home

Former Senior Center Governing Board member and president