State making big goof in Allred case


We, as citizens of these United States of America and the state of Oregon, want our voices to be heard. The people, who supposedly know what’s best for everyone, have made a grave error on the life of one Gabriel Allred.

First, he is placed where he has been for almost two years due to the illegal things his parents did and are paying for. They lost him. Obviously, they didn’t care, or they would not have been criminals and lost their parental rights. This young boy was given to a family that has cared for him over these two years.

Second, why would Department of Human Services now decide that Gabriel should be sent to a foreign country when he is an American citizen? Why should we the taxpayers send money to this foreign country to support Gabriel when he has a life here in Oregon? We do not want our money sent to a place where we have no say in how it is used.

Third, DHS has a way of taking young children, claiming to have their best interest at heart when in the long run it is in nobody’s best interest. Don’t fix something that isn’t broken. Leave this child in a place where he is already cared for and loved.

Fourth, why all of a sudden is the Mexican government involved in this American citizen’s life? What do they or this relative have to gain? Oh, yes, money from the American taxpayers. Is that right? Yes, Gabriel’s rights as an American will be violated if he is sent to Mexico.

Thank you for reading this letter, and we hope that you are hearing the voices of those people who are Americans and Oregonians. Please fight to keep Gabriel Allred with the Brandt family.

Carolyn Barnes, Rosaline McCorkhill, Lavida Richards, Vernon Tunnell, Dorothy Smith, Veronica Ellis, Wiley E. Dimick, Mary Bergman, Margy Belcher, Eleanor Barnes, Betti Procknow, Gladys Smith, Carole Hagle, Ann Rice, Roger Gilman, Mildred Chavez, Clovis Chavez, Martha Morrill, Marge Harer, Pam Barbie, Jim Rice and Roy E. Vallard