Still waiting for answers


Gas prices are the highest they have ever been. When the Republicans were in charge, the liberal Democrats declared the president must be making a big buck off the oil industry.

The stock market set a new mark in trading shares. When the stock market set new records in the past, the liberal Democrats cried, “This proves it! The rich are getting rich and the poor, poorer.”

Unemployment is up again this month. When unemployment rates went down while the Republicans were in charge, the liberal Democrats complained about how many jobs were going overseas and how insignificant jobs in America were.

Translation: The liberal Democrats must own a lot of oil and gas stock. The “rich get richer and the poor get poorer” even when the liberal Democrats run the country. The jobs the liberal Democrats promised to bring back to America must not be worth much if no one wants to work at them.

The liberal Democrats promised they would fix these problems when they got elected. Wow! They must all be liars.

I have not heard of one positive thing about America from the liberal Democrats in years.

Why anyone would want to vote for someone who trashes America day in and day out is beyond me.

Jeani West

Sweet Home