Stranger ruins girl’s garage sale

Gas prices have severely limited what we can afford to spend on school clothes this year. To help pay for them we suggested to our daughter that she have a garage sale. She helped gather and price items, kept watch and gave change. She earned the money she made even though a lot of what was put out wasn’t hers.

All was going well when out of the blue someone we have never met walked up and accused my husband, in front of our daughter, of taking down his garage sale sign and replacing it with ours. He didn’t see who did it but since ours was in his spot it must have been us. Anyone who knows me or my husband knows we would never do something like that. He cursed as he left.

Later we noticed our garage sale signs had been taken down. I didn’t see who did it so I am not going to go to some stranger’s garage sale and accuse him of it even though I definitely have my suspicions.

What a horrible example this person has set for our daughter. Not only did it put a damper on her pleasant experience but she had to listen to someone mistakenly accuse her father of bad behavior. I can only hope that person looks back on their actions and feels ashamed.

Susan Turner

Sweet Home