Support lacking for school clinic


In the straw vote of the approximately 75 people attending Sweet Home School Based Clinic (SBC), proposal only 10 voted in support of the clinic, while 30 stood opposed. That is not a mixed response; that is a resounding “No.” Additionally, there are many unanswered questions and nagging facts that should cause concern.

Where will the $250,000 each year come from to support this free clinic? The SBC answer – From the state, the county, the city and the school district. Translation, higher taxes. Nothing, but nothing, is free.

Why is this clinic needed? The SBC answer – Some Sweet Home youth and teens are more likely to seek certain health services at an SBC. That answer raises more questions. What certain health services? STD testing, pregnancy testing, birth control, abortion counseling and referrals? Might this be why they won’t use the Linn County Health Department, which is only four blocks away, or the Sweet Home doctors that provide free care?

When asked about providing birth control and abortion counseling, the SBC answer was “Birth control would not be distributed and the parents could help write the rules that would govern the clinic.” Slick answer, but how do you know if they are following the rules? How do you enforce the rules? Who is the sheriff? Also examine this fact: Adding reproductive health services often comes later, according to The Guttmacher Report, a publication related to pro-abortion Planned Parenthood. After the clinics are opened, operators work to build the trust, confidence and familiarity of the community. Sounds like a wolf in sheep’s clothing to me.

The proponents stated there are 45 SBCs in Oregon. Fact 1: There are approximately 1,100 schools in Oregon. 45 SBCs barely count. Fact 2: In 1994 the Lebanon School District rejected a $600,000 four-year grant for SBCs. Why was Sweet Home offered a one-time $50,000 grant? Fact 3: The Salem-Keizer School District and the Albany School District have rejected SBCs. What prompted them to reject SBCs is the nagging question.

Just say NO, before it is too late and your parental rights have been taken over by yet another agency. Make your presence known at the July 10 meeting at the SHHS cafeteria.

Fred Yates