Sweet Home girls tie Lebanon to take soccer record to 2-1-1

The high school girls soccer team ended with a 2-2 tie in their second matchup at Lebanon this season.

The Huskies led Lebanon most of the game, with Lebanon tying the score at the end of each half.

Megan Rubidoux scored both goals for the Huskies, the first coming at about 1:25 into the game on a “getaway,” Coach Ramiro Santana said. She received a pass on the right sideline, dribbled it to the goal where she took a shot to the left side and bottom of the goal.

“We pretty much dominated the game,” Santana said. “We took shot after shot.”

The Huskies were playing well but missing shots, he said. That’s all right though because he wants the girls taking shots.

“Last year, we had no shooting,” he said.

Lebanon’s goalie played well and stopped a lot of shots, he said. He estimated the Huskies took 30 to 40 shots on goal while Lebanon had less than 20.

With about 1:35 left in the first half, Lebanon scored a goal; but the Huskies were right back on top in the next half.

“They took a shot and hit our post,” Santana said. That was “kind of a wakeup call.”

The Huskies responded and began dominating the field again, he said. Rubidoux scored her second goal about 1:11 into the half.

Huskies goalie Kristen Tolle got the ball and kicked it out to Jessika Stewart who passed it over the heads of the Lebanon defense to Rubidoux, who took it in for another goal.

The Huskies held that lead until the last couple of minutes when Lebanon noticed and took advantage of a defense that had grown tired and lax, Santana said. Lebanon put the ball in the middle, and the game was over.

“They really started pressuring us, and I think they saw our girls were getting tired,” he said.

Communication was probably the Huskies’ weakest point in the game, Santana said. If they used the communication levels they do in practice, it might have been a different story.

At goal, Tolle had about 16 stops, Santana said. Seven to eight of them were good shots on goal by Lebanon.

As league play approaches next week with an opening game against Jefferson, “we’re feeling good,” Santana said. “The team is looking strong.”

The younger girls are working hard, learning and improving while the older girls are ready, Santana said.

The Huskies hold a 2-1-1 record.