Sweet Home High School academic awards for 2008-09

Outstanding Student Awards

Business and Applied Arts

Keyboarding 1 €“ Shelbey Gillespie, Luis Garcia; Keyboarding 2 €“ Bryan Dowling; Accounting 1 €“ Taylar Rodgers; Accounting 2 €“ Ryan McKendree; Windows Applications 1 €“ Amanda Bliege; Windows Applications 2 €“ Jennifer Rhoads; Business Law €“ Blake Roberts; Personal Financial Management €“ Jill Mahler; Entrepreneurship €“ Ryan McKendree; Marketing 1 €“ Sterling Tucker; Marketing 2 €“ William Stedman; Freshman FACS €“ Michelle Ann Davis; Foods and Nutrition €“ Reanna Thompson; Sewing, Interiors and Fashion €“ Courtney Ramm; Husky Catering €“ Alyssa Hart; Child Development €“ Jessica Blankenship; Learning Experiences with Children€“ Jillian Marvin; Wood Technology 1 €“ Whitney Bruce; Wood Technology 2 €“ Dustin Groat, Cody Norman; Construction €“ Brandon Larson; Material Science Technology€“ Michael Simmonds; Metals Technology 1 €“ Cory Hanks; Metals Technology 2 €“ Nicholas Nivison; Manufacturing €“ Daniel Coonc; Consumer Car Care €“ Leanna Blankenship*; Auto Technology 1 €“ Jeff Burdine; Auto Technology 2 €“ Eric Munts; Advanced Technical Concepts €“ Daniel Coonc .

Cooperative and Career Education

Cross-Age Tutor €“ Leah Keesecker, Norajean Lemar; Cross-Age Mentoring €“ Jessica Brendle; Cooperative Work Experiencee €“ Danyelle Petermen; Swim Assistant €“ Hailee Huenergardt; Lifeguarding €“ Casey Keys; Water Safety Instructor (WSI) €“ Brian Prather; Learning Lab €“ Brandon McKendree.

Language Arts

English 1 – Honors €“ Faith Parrish; English 1 €“ Troy Underwood; English 1 €“ Essentials €“ Steven Fox; English 2 €“ Honors €“ Taylar Rodgers; English 2 €“ Tyler Mengore; English 2 €“ Essentials €“ Mickle Riggle; English 3 €“ Honors €“ Jayce Calhoon, Andrew Winslow; English 3 €“ Dakotah Keys; English 3 €“ Essentials €“ Robert Claunch; English For Make-Up €“ Becca Fulbright; English 4 €“ Essentials€“ Brittany Anundi; English 4€“ Daniel Coonc; CP Honors English 4 €“ Lea Gates; AP English €“ Alysa Marner; Writing 121 €“ Jacob McCollum; Theater €“ Polly Bond; Creative Writing €“ Louise Wilcox; Desktop Publishing €“ Jill Mahler; Spanish 1 €“ Kristen Tolle, Hailey Rice; Spanish 2 €“ Cheryl Wilson, Liz Egbert; Spanish 3 €“ Nick Turner, Honorable Mention €“ Jessica Parga; Spanish 4 €“ Courtney Ramm, Honorable Mention €“ Ava Dishaw .


Algebra 1 / Statistics and Probability €“ Anne Marie Miller, Jessika Stewart; Integrated Math 2 €“ Kristen Tolle, Sonja Corliss; Integrated Math 2A €“ Leah Dauley; Integrated Math 3 €“ Alec Goetz; Pre-Calculus €“ Alisha Huschka, Christa Hefty; Calculus €“ Alysa Marner.

Physical Education/Health

Physical Education 1 €“ Travis Bennett, Annie Whitfield; Physical Education 2 €“ Alec Goetz; Outdoor Education PE €“ Tyler Holly; Physical Education 6 €“ Athletes’ PE €“ Tyler Holly; Physical Conditioning €“ Jack Perry; Physical Conditioning for Women €“ Megan Rubidoux; Aquatics €“ Emily Egbert; Adaptive PE €“ Alan Moore; Wellness 1 €“ Kendra Whaley; Wellness 1 €“ Essentials €“ Shelby Fox; Wellness 2 €“ Amanda Russell; Anatomy and Physiology €“ Andrew Winslow; Health Occupations €“ Alysa Marner.


Honors Physical Science €“ Tyler Fosback, Kristen Tolle; Physical Science €“ Katie Turner; Physical Science €“ Essentials €“ Brandon Gregory; Biology €“ Alec Goetz, Dillyn Winn; Honors Biology €“ Caroline Amendola; GPS €“ Hailey Gill; Chemistry Fundamentals €“ Katie Reed; CP Biology €“ Alysa Marner, Blake Roberts; CP Chemistry €“ Eric Holmes, Eric Munts; Physics €“ Blake Roberts.

Social Studies and Fine Arts

World History-H €“ Hailey Rice; World History €“ Sonja Corliss; Geography-H €“ Hailey Fisher; Geography €“ Jessica Gourley; Government-H €“ Shelbey Gillespie; Government €“ Alec Goetz; 20th Century American History 1 – H €“ Caroline Amendola; B€“ Rochelle Zamacona; 20th Century American History 2 €“ Garrett Stewart; AP US History €“ Celena Westfall, Andrew Winslow; AP US Government €“ Eric Holmes; Economics €“ Trevur Byers; Psychology €“ Tanesia McDowell; History Through Film €“ Madeline Tyler; History of Sports €“ Anthony Albright; Singers €“ Rob Callagan; Concert Choir €“ Afton Rodgers; Men’s Ensemble €“ Conner Cunha; Treble Ensemble €“ Taylar Rodgers; Concert Band John Phillip Sousa Award €“ Katie Kinney; Jazz Band €“ Kristen Tolle.

Special Services

Learning Resource Center €“ Mrs. Perez€“ Steven Parker; Learning Resource Center €“ Mr. Rolph€“ Jodi Silva; Learning Resource Center €“ Mrs. Petersen€“ Chris Stofle; Resource Math €“ Shelby Fox; Basic Life Skills €“ Jacob Jimenez; Vocational Resource €“ TJ McCraven; Transition Classroom €“ Jeremy Huckins;

Student Activities and Special Service Awards Student Body Officers 2008-09

President €“ Amos Parmenter, 1st Vice €“ Ellen Coulter (SO) , 2nd Vice €“ Brandon Courteau(JR), Secretary €“ Taylar Rodgers (SO), Student Manager €“ Caroline Amendola (SO), Elections Commissioner €“ Leah Dauley (JR).

Senior Class Board of 2009 Presentation to Student Body

Ella Butler, Ryan Graville, Marc Callagan, Tanesia McDowell, Devennie Moreno, Paige Niemi, John Price, Zane Wise. * Executive Council

George Wenzel Leadership Award €“ Paige Niemi

Oregon Army National Guard “You Can” Award for Leadership Excellence €“ Tanesia McDowell

Student Body Officers 2009-10

President €“ Andrew Winslow; 1st Vice €“ Jake Riggs; 2nd Vice €“ David Rinehart; Secretary €“ Jill Mahler;

Student Manager €“ Emily Egbert; Elections Commissioner €“ Leah Dauley; Technology€“ Chas Palmer

Class Board for 2010

Jayce Calhoon, Isaiah Blake, Tiffany Miller, Casey Keys, Ellen Coulter, Faith Parrish, James Myers, Kyle Sorenson, Scottie Stockman, Kieran Schaefer, Mikaela Stoner, Carii Syfert, TJ Sipe, Alex Stupin, Kristen Tolle, John Webb, Carissa Swanson, Troy Underwood, Celena Westfall, Sterling Tucker, Kyle Winslow, Rochelle Zamacona, Cheryl Wilson, Jasmine Yoder

Hugh O’Brien Leadership Award €“ Cheryl Wilson

Rotary International District 5110 RYLA Leadership Camp 2008 Scholars €“ Leah Dauley, Paige Niemi

Rotary International District 5110 RYLA Leadership Camp 2009 Scholars €“ Ellen Coulter, Kaitlyn Long

Sweet Home Junior First Citizens €“ Paige Niemi, Cody Turner

Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award €“ Courtney Ramm

Voice of Democracy €“ Paige Niemi First Place Local ($100), Second Place County ($75); William Stedman Second Place Local ($75)

Watershed Restoration Team – Chris Cline, Ellen Coulter, Hanna Curry, Stacey Fisher, Mitchell Garcia, Bethany Marner, Megan McCartin, Sarah McCartin, Bret Moran, Kristen Tolle, Brittany Warth, Karen Zhen

Perfect Attendance for the Year Recognition €“ McKenna Burnett (Sr.), Daniel Coonc (Sr.), Bill Rinehart (Sr., also honored for perfect attendence through high school), Brandy Coonc, Brandon Courteau, Erik Garcia, Haley Johnston, Chas Palmer,

Donald Rinehart, Robert Rubidoux, Kristen Tolle, Sterling Tucker, Albert Zhen, Karen Zhen.

Academic Awards

Freshman Boy of the Year €“ Kyle Winslow

Freshman Girl of the Year €“ Kristin Tolle

Senior Boy of the Year €“ Ryan Graville

Senior Girl of the Year €“ Paige Niemi

National Honor Society Members €“ Leanna Blankenship, Larisa Cole, Jacob McCollum, Courtney Ramm, Sam Blankenship, Ryan Graville, Tanesia McDowell, Blake Roberts, McKenna Burnett, Norajean Lemar, Paige Niemi, Kathy Wilson, Marc Callagan, Alysa Marner, Danyelle Petermen, Zane Wise, Rob Callagan

Top 10 Percent €“ Leanna Blankenship, Norajean Lemar, Paige Niemi, McKenna Burnett, Alysa Marner, Danyelle Petermen, Marc Callagan€“ Jacob McCollum€“ Courtney Ramm, Larisa Cole, Taneisa McDowell, Blake Roberts, Daniel Coonc

Salutatorian Medals €“ Alysa Marner, Tanesia McDowell

Valedictorian Medals €“ Norajean Lemar, Paige Niemi

Oregon Association of Secondary School Administrators (OASSA) Honor Team

Language Arts €“ Norajean Lemar; Math €“ Courtney Ramm; Health/Physical Education €“ Isaiah Blake

Foreign Language €“ Sam Macklin; Science €“ Allison Rice; Business/Marketing€“ Jessica Parga; Family and Consumer Studies €“ Julie Benson; Fine Arts-Visual €“ Tanesia McDowell; Fine Arts-Performing €“ Afton Rodgers; Social Science €“ Eric Holmes; Industrial/Vocational Arts €“ Daniel Coonc

Computer Science €“ Ryan Claunch

Farmers Insurance Scholar/Activities Awards €“ Leanna Blankenship, McKenna Burnett, Ella Butler, Marc Callagan, Rob Callagan, Larisa Cole, Katie Hegge, Norajean Lemar, Tanesia McDowell, Whitney Stoner

Farmers Insurance Scholar-Athlete Awards €“ Leanna Blankenship, Marc Callagan, Rob Callagan, Daniel Coonc, Ryan Graville, Faith Helfrich, Norajean Lemar, Paige Niemi, Danyelle Petermen, Blake Roberts, Kathy Wilson, Zane Wise

VALCO Scholar-Athlete Award €“ Paige Niemi ($500) €“ Oregon Council of Teachers of Math and Oregon Department of Education Outstanding Achievement in Math €“ Larisa Cole, Alysa Marner.

Special Senior Honors Awards, Certificates and Scholarships

U.S. Army Reserve National Scholar-Athlete Awards €“ Ryan Graville, Tanesia McDowell

U.S. Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award €“ Laura Gourley, Sam Macklin

U.S. Marine Corps Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence €“ Katie Kinney

U.S. Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award €“ Norajean Lemar

Moe Award €“ Ryan Graville, Paige Niemi

Larry Johnson Sportsmanship Award €“ Logan Clark, Katie Kinney

Spirit of a Champion Award €“ Larisa Cole, Ryan Graville

Husky Award €“ Rob Callagan, Paige Niemi, Nikki Smith

SHHS Hall of Fame Athlete €“ Rob Callagan, Marc Callagan, Zane Wise

Booster Club Female and Male Athlete of the Year €“ Paige Niemi, Zane Wise ($100)

Rotary Club Scholarships ($500) €“ Sam Blankenship, McKenna Burnett, Larisa Cole, Lea Gates, Laura Gourley, Katie Kinney, Steven Parker, Josh Riggs, Blake Roberts, Zane Wise; Alternate Alysa Marner

Carl F. Payne Memorial Scholarship €“ Julie Benson ($300)

Grace Patch Memorial Scholarships €“ Garrett Stewart ($2,100); Caleb Keeney, Cody Norman ($1,450); Renewals ($3,000) Gabe Kauffman, Bryan Warth

St. Helen’s Billy Drago Scholarship €“ Kyle Holmes ($500)

Cline Memorial Scholarships €“ Samantha Driver, Stephanie Fox, Steven Parker ($525); Renewals €“ Sarah Garrett ($1,200); Jerad Olsen ($750); Cory Yeack ($1,200); Kevin Yeung ($1.200)

Shea Scholarship €“ Josh Rigs ($250); Collin McHill LHS ($500); Tricia Buzzard UO ($500)

OSEA Scholarship €“ CJ Allyn, Laura Gourley, Ryan Graville, Katie Kinney, Alysa Marner ($300)

Sweet Home Alumni Foundation Class of 1967/Weyerhaeuser Co. Scholarship €“ Zane Wise ($1,000)

Sweet Home Alumni Foundation Cody McFarland Memorial Scholarship €“ David Worthen ($500)

Sweet Home Alumni Foundation Don and Texas Driggs Scholarship