sweethomenews.com upgrades to new Web site

If you’ve just logged on and you’re noticing something different about http://www.sweethomenews.com, you’re in the right place.

We are switching to this new Web format that we believe will offer our readers much more service than the old version did. We’ve got it up where you can see it so we can work out any last-minute bugs before we officially announce that we’re up and running.

Planning and execution of this site has taken more than a year and involved many delays, some of which have affected our former site, but we’re confident the result will be something that’s easier to read and will give us many more opportunities to serve you with news, photos and advertising.

Loyal readers of our Web site will see instant differences €“ more variety on the home page, more and larger photos, photo galleries (which will be developed more fully in the next week), the ability to post comments, the ability to submit your own photos for consideration in the photo galleries, events listings that are far more convenient than anything we’ve offered on-line in the past, and much more. The advertising is the one main component that’s still missing, but it will be up soon.

We will be adding more elements in the near future, which will be introduced as they appear.

We welcome your questions or comments.