Tax numbers are basic economics


I wonder when they quit teaching economics in school?

I was taught that if you own a business you have to make a profit to stay open. If the cost of making your product goes up, you have to increase the price of your product or cut back on expenses, which means job loss or a reduction of hours for many of your employees. Fair enough.

When the government taxes you more and more and you raise your prices higher and higher, two things will happen: people suck it up (if they can afford to) and buy your product anyway or don’t because they have to spend their money on other things. Sometimes we have no choice but to buy the product.

Sometimes you just shut the doors of your business because it costs more than you can make by staying open.

So, the fact of the matter is I’ll end up paying the tax that the government slaps on the people who make $200,000 or more on their business. I don’t even make enough money to be considered middle class, yet this will mean a tax hike for me.

I guess the liberals who voted for Obama think that they can show their Democratic party card and the business people will exempt them from paying the higher price. Maybe your Obama/Biden bumper sticker will make your boss give you the same hours while cutting back the hours of other employees.

Maybe those who voted for Obama just don’t care as long you tax the rich, even if you are the one paying that tax – or maybe they were too busy learning how evil the 2-percenters are.

Jeani West

Sweet Home