Taxes should not support district


My home is on an 80-acre tree farm that I own in Linn County.

I understand the importance of property taxes, which provide necessities such as public safety and schools for our community. However, I am also disappointed when property taxes are expanded to serve the special interests of certain groups of people.

I have been following the campaign to increase property taxes for the creation of a special 4-H and Extension Service district through measure 22-81 on the Nov. 4 ballot.

Information provided by the Extension Service can be accessed many other places, particularly in this age of websites on the Internet. I know this as a self-educated tree farmer who has used many resources to successfully manage my tree farms.

Nearly all agricultural commodities have associations that farmers can join and support for their own benefit.

Taxpayers should not be forced to subsidize these interests. Such support should be a private choice. Furthermore, 4-H is a club, and like any club, it should be supported by the membership dues paid by the participants and not by the public at large, particularly at a time when record numbers of people are struggling just to keep their homes.

Any increase in property taxes should be reserved for necessities, such as law enforcement.

Mary Jane Hildreth

Sweet Home