Teacher’s care ‘refreshing’


I’d like to share something that I witnessed last Tuesday. It only took up a minute or two of my day, but it happened to make an impact on me, enough so that I thought a letter to the editor would be appropriate.

This is a refreshing account of a Sweet Home school teacher who went the extra mile to protect one of her students.

When the children at Sweet Home Charter School get dismissed from school in the afternoon, they come outside with the teacher’s assistant from their classrooms and stand in a boxed area marked with their grade. The parents then walk up and pick up their children.

Well, this last Tuesday, I was waiting to pick up my daughter when a dad arrived to pick up his son. Mrs. Marvin didn’t know this student’s dad because usually his mom or grandma picks him up.

She said, “I don’t know you. I’ll need to see some identification.”

The dad was happy to show his identification and thanked Mrs. Marvin.

I was impressed. Mrs. Marvin would not have let that child go without seeing some identification. Let’s remember to not take our children’s teachers for granted. They really do work hard not only in teaching our children but also in keeping them safe.

It gives me peace of mind to know that my daughter is safe from the minute I drop her off to the minute I pick her up. This is because of the commitment to our children from teachers like Mrs. Marvin.

Jennifer Kennedy

Sweet Home