Teaching children starts at home


I will start this off with my family. There are four; two sons, two daughters. They grew up with responsibilities, clean their rooms, do dishes, take out the garbage, respect, honor and choices.

They would bring home their friends, most of whom called us Mom and Dad. One still does.

My daughter’s friend was at our home, I asked my daughter, “How was her day?” The friend had never been asked that. I had made an impression and she decided that when she had a family, questions like that would be asked. Her sons are engineers, or soon to be.

Our sons and daughters were taught that any job that needed to be done was neither his or her job; it was just a chore to be done. You can achieve anything you set your mind to do. All are successful. Middle son has retired.

When they were in school (public) they were taught reading, writing, math, English and history. I don’t remember them being taught the opinion of the teacher. It was just basic school stuff. You know, like two plus two equals four.

They also had to learn winning as well as losing. They played games when somebody was going to win and some would lose and they kept score. It made them work harder.

And by no means were we the perfect parents. We did the best we could with what tools we had. Were they always perfect kids? Well … no.

I guess what I am trying to say is we need to get back to the basics of school, whether private, home school, or public. Teach the basics – you know, like math, English, reading, writing and history.

And leave the political opinion at home.

Faye Barnes