Thank you, 4th District


I wanted to extend my thanks and utmost appreciation to the voters of southwest Oregon for electing me to serve another term in Congress.

Time has come to put the divisiveness of the campaign season behind us and draw together to meet the challenges that lie ahead. I will continue the work to bring needed living-wage jobs home to our district and to Oregon through my position on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. I will also fight to reform job-killing trade agreements that have shipped millions of jobs overseas, and tilt the playing field against American workers.

I am committed to bringing down the massive deficit so our children and grandchildren are not stuck with a big pile of debt. And I plan to continue my work on implementing a sustainable timber harvest in our forests and renew critical federal programs that support our schools and counties.

In the upcoming “lame duck” session of Congress, I have been promised a long overdue vote on a cost-of-living-adjustment for Social Security recipients. Congress must also act before Jan. 1 to extend tax relief for middle-income wage earners and families.

Improving Oregon’s economy, our schools, and standing up for the interests of my constituents is my priority. Thank you for your support.

Peter DeFazio

Member of Congress