Thanks for helping Freemans


As chairperson of the Benefit for the Leighton Freemans, held at the Elk’s Lodge, I want to personally thank those that helped me to put together this event.

First, the merchants in Sweet Home: Umpqua Bank, Les Schwab Tire Store, Johnson Rock Products, Workman and Steckly Funeral Chapel, Key Bank and Mary Johnson (McDonald?) from Thriftway, who provided a hefty discount on the fresh food we used. These merchants supported this community event with open heartedness.

Second, the people who stand out as compassionate helpers. Treasure Anderson, who gathered donations around town and made some baskets to raffle. Dave and Jane Strom, (my Kiwanian friends) and Margaret Evans who gave of their time and their flowers even though they weren’t Elks, working until 10:30 p.m. the night before the event.

Dave and Jane, Margaret and Carla Claassen and myself were responsible for all the chopping and cleaning produce for the many salads.

Also, Eleanor Benner who also brought flowers to put around the tables.

There were many who helped with the final decorations of the event to make it a success that it was.

And finally, a big thanks to those who came and helped with their money donations.

I was glad to be able to help the Freemans in their time of need. I’m sure it made a difference.

There were many more who gave products to raffle off and will be receiving a thank you note from the Elks.

Marilyn Taggart

Sweet Home