Thanks for helping Tristan

We would like to extend our thanks and love to everyone who made Tristan’s last few weeks so amazing. Everyone around us worked so hard to make sure that every one of Tristan’s last wishes came true in the short time he had. To all of us they were little things but to Tristan, they were dreams.

We were overwhelmed by the amount of support we received from family, friends and people we had never met. From the meals that were brought to our home to the prayers that were being said worldwide, we appreciate everything. We were able to stay home and spend precious moments with Tristan because of all of these very special people who loved him so much. He was such an inspiration to us all.

We wanted to thank everyone individually, but the list was so long and we were so worried about leaving someone off that we decided to write this letter instead. I don’t think there is anything we could do to pay back the kindness that we were shown, but we can pay it forward and hopefully make a difference in someone else’s life.

Thank you again.

Mark and Vicki DeLong

Sweet Home