Thanks for local hospital support


The communities of east Linn County have supported Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital for more than 60 years, dating back to the fund-raising campaign in the early 1950s to finance the hospital’s construction on its current site.

A tremendous amount of that support comes from the staff of our hospitals, outpatient clinics, Wiley Creek Community and our other facilities. Our employees’ main opportunity to contribute is during the annual Samaritan Employee Caring Campaign, held every October.

Since 2002, our staff has contributed $1,037,416 to the foundation. Words can’t express how remarkable it is for the staff of a relatively small rural hospital to give so generously.

Our employees can designate their gifts to any of the foundation’s 15 funds, designated for several patient services, from cancer care to childhood literacy to diabetes education. The foundation also administers a fund for employee emergencies.

It’s truly an inspiration to see the generosity and compassion of our staff. Their commitment to the community’s health care — through the careers they have chosen and their financial support of patient-centered funds — enables the foundation to serve so many in our community.

As we close the books on 2014 and enter 2015, we extend a heartfelt thank you to every employee who has contributed toward this milestone accomplishment!

Bill Rauch, president

Lebanon Community Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees

Betty Koehn, director

Lebanon Community

Hospital Foundation