Thanks for those who aided Gleaners


I was going through my pile of papers that I have let pile up for the last month.

In it, I flipped through the newspapers real quickly. In the Nov. 22, there was an editorial that made me cry: “Gleaners dumping problems dirty business.”

Volunteers have worked very hard to clean up this mess, which is like a pimple on the end of your nose that just keeps coming back. Since the first article that Sean Morgan wrote up, we have had two very generous donations that paid in full our garbage bill for the month.

Just in case you are all wondering what happened to all of those piles of trash, one man came forward with a truck and trailer. Over a week’s time, this angel removed load after load after load.

Gold stars go out to Sean, anonymous donors and the wonderful man and his family, who finally “popped the pimple” on the end of our nose.

We are going to offer “fill a cart” of clothing for only $10 to honor our angels for everyone visiting through the month of January or while supplies last.

Since the articles came out we have only had two loads of garbage dumped on us that I know of.

People have still been dropping donations off in front of our back gate. They would have been really nice donations.

Unfortunately, Oregon weather got the best of it. Please bring donations into the building and speak to someone in the office or at the cash register.

I believe that prayers are powerful. We can all be angels. Many thanks, and God bless.

Marla Blanchard

Sweet Home Gleaners