Thanks for tribute to GIs


I would like to say thank you to Robin Frazier for the wonderful tribute to my son, Samuel Huxford and all the wonderful brave service men and women. They all need our support and prayers, no matter how young or old.

I agree with the statement that our VA needs to help more. If they would have helped him when he requested in patient care for his out-of-control (heart-wrenching for family and friends to watch) PTSD in October. All who knew Sam believed, with no doubt, that he would still be here. The VA also turned down his 15-month-daughter her father’s disability due to the fact that even though he was 100 percent combat-disabled, he had not yet gotten what they term “Pemanent and Total”disability.

Thank you again from all our family.


Mother of Sam Huxford

Editor’s Note: Normally, we require full names for letters to the editor. In this case, the last name is withheld based on the writer’s request, which was also honored in a previous story about Huxford, for security purposes related to a past abusive relationship.