Thanks from Bras Across the Bridge


The South Santiam Sweet Potato Queens are so proud to be able to help area women with breast cancer and other women’s health needs.

We are excited to announce the donations for 2012 “Bras Across the Bridge” totaled $1,675.

A huge Southern thank y’all to the businesses who, through their generosity, provided goods and services for our prizes.

We want to thank all who came to play with us! Everyone enjoyed the music by Pam Massey, Perry Tomlin, Mike Duncan, Steven Mankel and our soloist, Richard Deneke.

The crowd was hoopin’ and hollerin’ as cow-persons (the Queens are equal opportunity royalty) chose their trusty steeds. They raced their inflatable stick horses around barrels, courtesy of Chafin Farms.

Winners received the ob-ligatory belt-buckle-bigger-than-their-heads.

Nancy Lee won the SSSPQ’s Gen-U-Wine Southern Dinner for 6 which will be cooked and served in her home, by the Queens their very owrselves.

We thank everybody and hope to see y’all next time!

Rogene Stock

South Santiam Sweet Potato Queens

Sweet Home