Thanks to city for Second Avenue fix


We would like to take this means of thanking the City Council, Public Works director and city manager for taking our petition regarding the condition of Second Avenue seriously.

Consequently, money was budgeted, and the project was finished in August. We were especially pleased with the contractors and how they went out of their way to work with the neighbors to get in and out during the construction.

There were major problems found and dealt with, and we ended up with what we feel is a beautiful street.

This project also brought the whole neighborhood closer together, and we enjoyed meeting some we had never talked to before and becoming better acquainted with those we did know.

We would encourage all of you to take back your neighborhoods. Start a project together and become better acquainted.

It could be a yard beautification, Neighborhood Watch, cleaning up the sidewalks or any number of things, but get to know your neighbors. You will all benefit.

Again, thanks for a job well done.

Sonny and Marian Nelson

The Second Avenue Neighborhood