Thanks to folks in karaoke contest


Recently, the Sweet Home Veteran’s Club and Double “D” Karaoke hosted their first karaoke contest.

Our main goal was a membership drive for the Veteran’s Club and to get people together for a good time.

There were cash prizes, trophies, medals, T-shirts, dinners and several other prizes to be given away. We had 32 contestants compete over a three-week period.

The first night, the top 15 were chosen. The second night, the top 10 were chosen, and on the final night a winner was chosen.

The top three winners were Kris Ostrom, first place; Cecil Bridge, second place; and Marie Albush, third place.

There are so many people to thank. Not only do we want to thank all of those who competed, we would also like to thank our judges, Dennis Funk, Dave Holley, Randy Claasen, Dorothy Wells, Brendan O’Brien, Mike Dominy and Tim Rhodes. They had an extremely difficult job.

There were several Sweet Home and Lebanon merchants that donated to the contest as well as private donations.

The contest exceeded all of our expectations. Everyone had a great time, whether they were participating in the contest or sitting in the audience. The number of people who filled the Vet’s Club each night was great to see.

We received so much positive feedback that we’re hoping to make the contest an annual event. So for those of you that love to sing or just have a good time, keep us in mind for next summer’s competition.

Sincere thanks.

Debbie Jewell

Double “D” Karaoke

Sweet Home Veteran’s Club