Thanks to many who helped out


Little did we know when we moved here two years ago, we would be so loved by this little community.

In our time of need, we have received more than we thought possible. Words are not sufficient to express our gratitude, but we’ll try.

First we’d like to thank the trauma nurse who came upon the accident right after it happened, her skills made a huge difference; Lebanon Fire and Sweet Home Fire first responders for doing their job at their best! Their quick decisions and actions helped greatly in Gene’s current status.

The Women’s Association from SHFAD stepped up and helped out at the office in my absence; for organizing and hosting (Little Promises) the spaghetti feed and auction, donors for the auction. Wow!

Thanks to the AllStar Pizza owners, staff and the SHFAD guys for making roughly 1000 pizza’s in less than four hours, omgosh!!

Our Home group, Ames Creek Community Chapel, our neighbors and many many more we don’t yet know for praying for us, our hearts are moved and our faith has grown in mighty ways.

There are many more whom haven given of their time, efforts and money to assist us, we both are humbled by each one of you.

Gene has said that he feels each prayer said on his behalf and has tapped into your faith, it’s amazing to watch God work.

We have a long way to go, but with the help and prayers of the fantastic residents of this community, we know we will overcome the challenges ahead.

We feel so privileged to live in this wonderful community and look forward to giving back and making an impact into the lives of others the way everyone has made an impact in ours.

Blessed beyond measure,

Gene and Julie Mayfield

Sweet Home