Thanks to SHJH for can drive help


Sweet Home Emergency Ministries would like to thank Sweet Home Junior High students and their adult supervisors for the recent can drive conducted to benefit SHEM.

The students collected and delivered 850 pounds of non-perishable goods to SHEM this past week. This is a very significant contribution to our regular monthly needs.

It is good to see that the students in our schools are learning at an early age about how volunteer contributions can make a difference in meeting the needs of those who may be having a hard time making ends meet.

SHEM was able to help more than 260 people in need of food in the month of May. Contributions such as we received from the junior high will go far to meet the needs this month.

If other groups would like to contribute to SHEM in a similar fashion, please contact me so that we can publicly document the delivery and appropriately acknowledge your contribution.

Bob Hartsock

Executive Director