The freshmen

Sweet Home’s freshman football team finished the season 2-6. The Huskies played all but two of their games on the road, travling with 15 or 16 players, Coach Dustin Nichol said, adding that some players never left the field. “We ran with the other teams through the first half,” he said. The Huskies, though fatigued, played hard to the end, scoringtouchdowns with under a minute left in three games. Team members in this early-season photo are, in front, from left, Scottie Stockman, Jesse Comstock, Brandon Gregory, Tyler Collins and Jon Walters. In the second row, from left, are Matt Cuff, Alex Armstrong, Jeron Coleman, Cody Mabe, Glen Hesberg, Hunter Bidwell, Konane Leslie, Mike Fontenot, and Chris Jurica. In back, from left, are coaches Casey Topp, Cory Autry, Earl Dodge, James Richards, Jacob Miner, Jeremy White, Bryce VanDenburg, Matt Santa Cruz MacKenzie Dyke, Tyler Paulino, Jesse Baugus, Bobby Erickson, and coaches Dustin Nichol and Chris Kelley.