Think about supporting pool


I remember well when our town was excited about getting a swimming pool.

We raised the money by having a Frontier Days celebration, which came before Sportsman’s Holiday. Sweet Home was booming and we yearned for a pool to swim in, probably because of kids like me who jumped off the high rocks into the Santiam River and couldn’t swim. I just took a chance that someone would save me or maybe I could dog-paddle to shore.

What a grand day it was when the pool was finished and we all went for a dip. Yep, I learned to swim, by taking the swimming lessons the pool offered in summer.

Also I still remember when my granddaughter, Alecia, was born and at 9 years old, she could not walk. I kept asking the therapist if I could take her to our pool, and finally she said yes! Alecia’s legs were useless, but she fell in love with the water and exercised often. Soon Alecia’s legs were strong and she walked on her own. We all celebrated.

I also remember when my husband was hurt in a woods accident and his leg was messed up and he had trouble walking. He didn’t want to go to the pool, but I made him go. Well, in a month or so, his leg was strong again and he went back to falling trees in the woods.

Yes, we are in a recession and times are not good. Maybe some people think the pool is just for students to play in the water. And I do realize money is short now. But if we lose our pool, maybe YOU will be needing therapy too and where will you get the kind of recovery that our swimming pool takes care of well.

So think about it friends, do we want to give up our wonderful swimming pool?

Mona Waibel

Sweet Hom