Ti Squared planning move to Millersburg

Audrey Caro

Ti Squared Technologies is planning to move to Millersburg in 2018.

The company, which was founded in Sweet Home in 1995, then known as InvesTiCast, Ltd., is currently located on Clark Mill Road, near Main Street. A titanium investment casting foundry, it makes parts for a wide range of uses, including surgical instruments, implantable medical devices, aerospace and defense, marine hardware, oil and gas exploration and automotive racing, according to a company website.

“We have outgrown our current facility,” said Chris Martin, vice president of manufacturing and operations.

On March 21 Martin spoke to the city of Millersburg Planning Commission, which unanimously approved a site plan review and conditional use applications that Ti Squared filed on Feb. 23.

The new location, which has been purchased, is at 3900 Western Way in Albany.

Martin said the plan presented at the March 21 meeting represents the biggest and most intrusive expansion the company could ask for.

Their current facility is 12,000 square feet and their proposed building in Millersburg will be about 40,000 square feet.

Planning Commission members asked about the size of the building, which could be as tall as 60 feet, and size of the products, which could be up to 350 pounds and 40 inches tall.

Martin said in their outdoor storage area, some materials in storage containers on site would be visible, some maintenance material like angle iron and everything will be neat and orderly, according to the minutes.

“There will potentially be hazardous materials on site in the future, but right now we don’t have anything that you can’t put in a landfill,” Martin told the commission.

Minutes also state that the Planning Commission would be approving a chemical milling operation the location and submittal of activities that would take place within the building.

It was noted in the minutes that future expansion of the facility would require the applicant to come back to the Planning Commission for further review.

There were no public comments in favor or opposing the land use application during the hearing.

In an interview after the meeting, Martin said the company is taking advantage of opportunities in the industrial titanium market, though the Millersburg facility is being designed for maximum flexibility in the future.

“The Millersburg location is better suited to meet our growing needs with respect to the demands of our business,” Martin said.

He said the company intends to relocate between August and December of 2018. There will not be a gap in services.

Martin said the company plans to hire 40 new employees in the next few years.

A resolution to approve an extended property tax agreement between the city of Millersburg, a cosponsor of the South Santiam Enterprise Zone, and Ti Squared is on the agenda for the Sept. 13 Lebanon City Council meeting and was on the agenda for the Sept. 12 Linn County Board of Commissioners meeting.

John Pascone, president of the Albany-Millersburg Economic Development Corporation, sent a memo to South Santiam Enterprise Zone co-sponsors on Aug. 8.

The co-sponsors are Linn County, the City of Albany, the City of Lebanon and the City of Millersburg.

In the memo, Pascone said Ti Squared “is planning a $7.5 million investment in Millersburg which includes a new building and new equipment.

They have completed an Enterprise Zone Authorization Application dated July 12, 2017.”