Time to reel in public spending


City of Sweet Home may have to look at layoffs, due to overspending, and find other ways to cut spending to avoid job loss

I am concerned about the City of Sweet Home, as they have been on an uncontrollable spending spree.

Have you seen your tax bill? I am not a fan of moving the City Hall to their new executive offices outside of the town center, leaving the old town center, which has deteriorated ever since.

Did the schools really need to buy new buses? Do they not have plenty already?

The city police have also upgraded their fleet.

Has our city overspent in the good times and will now have to layoff employees as the result?

It is time for residents to look closely at new bond measures, as we are already far indebted by what we have already, which we cannot change. It is time to look for ways to cut, instead of layoffs.

It seems the city believes that Sweet Home residents are all very rich, which is sadly not true for most residents.

The city needs to see that we are in dire times, and make adjustments as we go forward let us reel in budgets.

These are trying times and the City of Sweet Home needs to help its residents instead of burdening them with new debt.

Some very fine skilled workman have remodeled many of our schools and public buildings. I admire their workmanship.

Let’s try to hold onto what we have and somehow protect jobs as we go forward. That may prove to be a challenge for us, as a city.

Scott Walker

Sweet Home