Title IX complaint waste of our time

We can’t imagine that the Title IX complaint against about 100 Oregon high schools, including Sweet Home, Lebanon and Albany high schools, which we reported in our July 6 edition, will go anywhere.

It’s absurd, but our culture has managed to perpetuate ridiculous identity politics, self-flagellation and general racism – in which our skin color or our particular sexual preferences is cause for some sort of pride, self-righteous indignation and anger.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that such pathetic drivel, based solely on which chromosomes one has, should drive a complaint that may be taken seriously by a federal agency on the taxpayer’s dime – And folks wonder why we our politicians can’t stop overspending.

The complaint alleges that the percentage of girls compared to the percentage of boys playing sports is not equal, a differential of 5.1 percent. The complaint further alleges that dance and cheerleading are not sports and should not be counted. Sweet Home apparently counts them, and the complaint grumbles about it.

The high school had 415 boys enrolled, compared to 385 girls in 2006, according to the complaint. The school had 200 girls and 265 boys playing sports.

The plaintiff is ignorant about this district. Sweet Home actually does offer two sports the complaint suggests might draw girls’ interests – water polo and golf. More students, male and female, are involved in the competitive Forestry Club, and the equestrian team, as small as it has been, is usually dominated by girls. So are the dance/drill and cheer squads – which are considered sports by the OSAA, even if the author of this complaint does not.

The opportunities are there, and girls are allowed to play boys sports like football and wrestling when they choose. They have their own sports, such as volleyball, and they have their own teams mirroring boys sports, such as basketball and softball.

This district goes above and beyond to afford every opportunity for girls to play sports. Its leadership recognizes the hard work that dancers and cheerleaders put into their sports – unlike the plaintiffs who marginalize and insult those girls in the name of equality.

A differential of 5.1 percent makes a lot of sense. We think that number could range higher and not represent any form of oppression against our girls.

The goal of this absurd complaint isn’t really clear. It claims to seek equality, apparently defining it as proportional involvement in sports.

We could just as well observe that nearly 100 percent of fathers are male and nearly 100 percent of mothers are female and see an injustice. Perhaps the plaintiff should pursue an agenda to equalize those numbers, 50 percent of the female population should be women.

We think it’s time to end this ongoing charade in pursuit of so-called equality, recognize that individual human beings have different interests and allow them to pursue them as they see fit.

Lest someone think we’re anti-female here in our office, all four of the female high school offspring of our long-term staff over the past 15 years have been active and successful in sports. Of the male children, three out of four didn’t participate nearly as heavily in sports.

The point is, this complaint is so out of touch with reality, at least in regards to our community’s schools, that it smacks of frivolity.

Ask any coach in the halls of our schools and he or she will tell you that the biggest challenge is to get girls to participate in athletics. The majority definitely have different values than boys when it comes to competition.

In our opinion, it’s insulting and oppressive to try to force or trick our female population into sports if they’re not interested.