Too many loose ends in SH


What is going on in this town? First, we have a majority of the council members vote in the poker tournaments.

Now don’t get me wrong, I welcome it to our town. But the part I don’t understand is Councilmen Bean and McIntire voting yes for it; yet, when T & M Pizza approached the council, the members above said no. Why?

We have McCammon Furniture, Home Town Drugs and most recently The Coffee Beanery all go out of business. It is the job of the city manager and mayor to entice new businesses. What are they doing besides hanging up Christmas wreaths?

This town is drying up, yet all the “old timers” apparently are in favor of this. They don’t want to grow.

So if I was a business owner and I drove down Main Street and saw all the businesses gone, I definitely would keep on driving.

This town has “wanna be” John Kerrys. They flip flop on their decisions on what they want to come or what they are against. Not on the poker decision, but the bringing in of OMI. Council McIntire was dead set against it, yet he voted yes at the end.

People gripe and say things like “Why don’t I move?” I say, “Why don’t you come to City Council meetings” or ” Why don’t you come to budget meetings and see how this town spends their money so stupidly?” It is a joke!

I normally read the “Public Safety” articles in the New Era. I see how many calls the police go on. It is an average of five. And they gripe when the citizens ask for safety help and they say they don’t have time.

I recently was standing at the corner of Main Street and Pleasant Valley Road and was just dazed at what I saw. I saw Public Works trucks and trucks with just the “Sweet Home” symbol on it. These vehicles went back and forth at least five times.

They would turn onto Pleasant Valley road, spend about five minutes and came back up. I have suggested having time cards so that the people of Sweet Home can see what these workers do on their eight-hour shift. With gas the way it is, you would think their boss would keep track of what his workers are doing.

Kim Lawrence

Sweet Home